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Buying a Dog Collar

Most dog owners have to buy one important thing for their pet- dog collar. The collar is of great help when it comes to enhancing security for your dog. These pets love to wander in every area, sometimes even in places you cannot imagine. As such, a dog collar helps you to ensure that your dog remains at home; or at least within the vicinity.

Further, the collar is used in training and helps you to identify your dog easily. Some dog owners will include their contact details on the dog collar for easier identification.

It is very essential that you choose a good dog collar for the following reasons:
• The dog will spend most of its time with the collar
• A good dog collar will indicate good grooming for the pet.

Introducing a New German shepherd

If you keep one popular breed of dogs, the German shepherd, and are looking to increase their numbers, chances are that you will introduce a grown dog. It is not advisable or practical to buy a very young puppy that has not gone past weaning age anyway. You might be bringing it to its death bed.

Also, apart from buying a dog old enough, you will also need to understand that there are special considerations to make in order to make the new ‘member’ get a better reception from the other dog(s) in your home. You need to devise ways of creating harmony between the dogs.

Best Dog Name

Selecting a name for your dog is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Considering the variety of options at your disposal though, you might find the entire process rather intimidating. However, this does not have to be the case. Whenever people meet your dog for the first time, the question they ask first is the dog’s name.

Your Guard Dog

Even as the name ‘guard dog’ suggest, these are hardy creatures. Soon after weaning and the milk teeth are out, puppies could grow uninterrupted provided they are being feed and live in warm conditions. However, dogs are affected by some chronic opportunistic diseases. One of them is rubies.

Dogs have been affected by this viral disease of mammals since the commencement of its domestication by man. The problem with this disease is that it causes your dog to behave wildly, it’s zoonotic and the same fatal infections that manifests in dogs manifests in humans too. The disease kills your guard dog fast and the sole remedy is vaccination against the disease.

Most Expensive Dogs

While some people will buy dogs for pet companionship or protection, many people are currently buying dogs for more reasons – a status symbol among the wealthy. This has seen some dog breeds become very expensive. There are other individual dogs which are also very expensive, but for other reasons rather than their breeds.
These factors include:
• Their breed purity
These are dogs that are a pure breed meaning they are the first of their kind. A pure breed dog has several attributes because it picks from the good qualities of the two cross-breeds. This dog can fetch a very high price in the market.
• Availability of the dog
There are some dogs that are quite rare. Their low supply accompanied by a high demand in the market helps them to fetch a very high market price.