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Introducing a New German shepherd

If you keep one popular breed of dogs, the German shepherd, and are looking to increase their numbers, chances are that you will introduce a grown dog. It is not advisable or practical to buy a very young puppy that has not gone past weaning age anyway. You might be bringing it to its death bed.

Also, apart from buying a dog old enough, you will also need to understand that there are special considerations to make in order to make the new ‘member’ get a better reception from the other dog(s) in your home. You need to devise ways of creating harmony between the dogs.

Understanding how German Shepherds communicate amongst themselves is very important. It will help your new canine communicate itself to the other dogs and soon the dogs will be in a position to understand and accept the new member faster. German Shepherds learn communication skills when they are between 4 – 6 weeks. This is another reason why you do not bring in a puppy to the Kennel before it has learnt vital communication skills from the mother.

It is also advisable to introduce an opposite sex dog. This is because German Shepherds are somehow territorial and introducing a male to a kennel of more males and less females means more fighting while they try to tame the new male. Females too have the same kind of rivalry between them.

Be the ultimate control and supervise the behavior of the dogs when a new one has been introduced. German Shepherds are very obedient to their master and will always get the cue when you shout ‘stop’ the moment they tend to harass a new member.

While you are supervising them let them have a lot of time together especially when feeding and soon they will get familiar to each other.